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i3 | May/June 2021

A Bright Future

In this issue, we see how innovation fuels the economy, as automakers use new strategies to extract more range from EVs driving the electric future forward. We also look at non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how value is embedded in the blockchain for digital art, music and entertainment. CDO and Director of People Strategy at Ford Motor Company Lori Costew talks about the company’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. And Chief Digital Officer and Vice President at Caterpillar Inc., Ogi Redzic, shares how autonomous technology is improving safety and productivity for its customers. Finally, new CTA research shows digital payment systems, cashier-less stores and AR may soon come to your neighborhood retailer. Download the full issue PDF.


Hubert Joly's "The Heart of Business"
Hubert Joly's "The Heart of Business"

This is not just another business book. It describes a personal journey.

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The NFT Fascination

Putting blockchain value on digital art, music and entertainment

Transparent electric vehicle
The Electric Future

What are some of the EV tricks that automakers are using to extend range?


Lori Costew
Ford's Lori Costew On Belonging
Computer on human's head
A Tech to Watch
Connecting our Laptops to our Brains?
Standards Address Emerging Technologies
iPad with white furniture
C4 Trends
VR, AR: Reenergized
Singapore skyline
Tech International Focus


Policy News
The U.S. Chip Shortage
Policy Forecast
A Look Ahead
Policy CDO Spotlight
Caterpillar's Ogi Redzic: A Technology Disrupter
Policy Update
The Future of Work is Hybrid
Policy Outlook
The Future is Here: Self-Driving Vehicles
Chess game pieces individually colored in U.S. and China flag
From the CEO

Biden’s China Challenge

China is the world’s manufacturer. But if American political leaders get their way, Americans will buy fewer Chinese products each year. Republicans and Democrats agree that Chinese ascendancy endangers our economy and national security.


C Space
Oscars or Emmys?
CT Reports: CTA Foundation
“Nabors” wins CTA Foundation Contest Pitch
Business Advice for Entrepreneurs
Businesses Ready to Blaze the Comeback Trail
Business Forward Strategies
Make Your Company Stand Out
Business By the Numbers
Record Television Shipments in 2020 TVs remain the champion of home entertainment
Business Market Beat
The Future of Retail
Business Stats and Facts
Retail Innovations
Business Tech Tactics
Zoom Boom

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