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Anson Kung

CTO and Co-Founder,
A&K Robotics

A&K Robotics joined CTA as a Startup Member in 2019, and they design and make robots that function in industries like education, retail, airports, and healthcare. We spoke with CTO and Co-Founder Anson Kung about his experience as a new member, he highlights the networking and business deals the company has closed since joining CTA. 

Daniel Young

Senior Manager of Product Standards,

A loyal CTA member for more than 30 years, Toshiba produces multiple solutions for a myriad of industries including enterprise, industrial, power and energy, and retail, to name a few. Senior Manager of Product Standards Daniel Young talked to us about the most important benefits that cause Toshiba to renew their CTA membership year after year. 

Elnaz Sarraf

Founder and CEO,

ROYBI makes robots that teach literacy skills to children ages three and up. From CES to mentorship to participation in standards committees, ROYBI Founder and CEO Elnaz Sarraf has found CTA membership to be invaluable for her business. 

Chris Eschbach

Director of Biometrics,

Eight-year CTA member Valencell develops the biometric sensors that power wearable devices. Chris Eschbach, Director of Biometrics, told us that “there’s never been a time when it wasn’t worth being at a meeting and participating with CTA.”

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CTA Member Benefits, 365 Days a Year
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