Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives for the better — making us safer, healthier and more efficient. As AI rapidly evolves, it is critical that we ensure our workforce and government are poised to take advantage of the significant benefits the technology will bring.

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Technology & Standards Spring Forum Session

Combating Deepfakes

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to touch all aspects of our lives, the technology presents a unique opportunity to help support media provenance and identify deepfakes. In this session, explore the roles and opportunities AI can play in content moderation, sourcing and creation. Additionally, discover how industry standards and collaboration can support this critical need.


Poppy Crum, Ph.D., Dolby

Bruce MacCormack, Neural Transform and Project Origin

Andy Parsons, Adobe

Brian Markwalter, CTA (moderator)

The Future of Travel and Hospitality Technology

This study evaluates AI-powered technologies within the travel and hospitality industry and examines U.S. consumers’ awareness, usage, and perceptions of the technologies.

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New! The Use of AI in Health Care: Managing, Characterizing, and Safeguarding Data (CTA-2107-A) is now available in the CTA Store!

This voluntary standard identifies the current recommended practices for managing, characterizing, and safeguarding data for developing artificial intelligence-based applications in health care.

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CTA Nasdaq Thematic Index Partnership

For over a decade, CTA has partnered with Nasdaq to develop thematic stock market indexes across numerous technology segments. With a portfolio of fifteen indexes, CTA applies its research and analytical expertise to assess companies’ role and impact on a wide range of consumer and enterprise industries.

Nasdaq CTA Artificial Intelligence Index (NQINTEL)

NQINTEL tracks the performance of companies engaged in the artificial intelligence segment of the technology, industrial, medical and other economic sectors. View index on Nasdaq.

Nasdaq CTA US AI & Robotics Index (NQROBOUS)

NQROBOUS tracks the performance of companies engaged in the artificial intelligence and robotics segment of the technology, industrial, medical and other economic sectors for companies listed in the US. The Index includes companies in artificial intelligence or robotics that are classified as either enablers, engagers or enhancers. View index on Nasdaq.

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