Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

As the world’s leading tech organization, CTA’s diverse members and CES exhibitors are shaping the future of AI technology through industry leadership and pro-innovation advocacy. AI holds enormous potential to improve our world, and our members represent the cutting edge of a trend that will transform how we communicate, do business, and take care of one another.

National AI Policy Framework

The U.S. has an opportunity to lead the world on AI policy as well as AI innovation. This framework contributes to the evolving dialogue about appropriate guardrails for AI technology and supports a measured and balanced approach to rules.  

Featured Research

2023 Decoding Consumer Sentiment and Outlook on Artificial Intelligence

Explore the level of awareness and interest among U.S. consumers regarding AI and its applications.

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Featured Standard

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Practices for Identifying and Managing Bias

This voluntary standard identifies types of bias, sources of bias, and bias management practices for health care applications of AI.

Recent Standards

Cybersecurity Threats and Security Controls for Machine Learning Based Systems
The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Managing, Characterizing, and Safeguarding Data
Guidelines for Developing Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Systems

CES 2024

CES showcases the most impactful, upcoming tech trends. AI, a game-changer for all industries, will be pervasive at CES 2024. Companies large and small in the health, transportation, entertainment and gaming sectors will unveil their latest developments.

Featured Podcast

Demystifying AI: Insights from Investing and Tech Experts

Here to explain how AI works and what it means to consumers, as well as to tech indices, are Sara Mehle, Nasdaq index research strategist, and Brian Comiskey, CTA director of thematic programs.

CTA Nasdaq Thematic Index Partnership

For over a decade, CTA has partnered with Nasdaq to develop thematic stock market indexes across numerous technology segments. With a portfolio of fifteen indexes, CTA applies its research and analytical expertise to assess companies’ role and impact on a wide range of consumer and enterprise industries.

Nasdaq CTA Artificial Intelligence Index (NQINTEL)

NQINTEL tracks the performance of companies engaged in the artificial intelligence segment of the technology, industrial, medical and other economic sectors. 

Nasdaq CTA US AI & Robotics Index (NQROBOUS)

NQROBOUS tracks the performance of companies engaged in the artificial intelligence and robotics segment of the technology, industrial, medical and other economic sectors for companies listed in the US. The Index includes companies in artificial intelligence or robotics that are classified as either enablers, engagers or enhancers. 

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AI Working Group

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® AI Working Group supports the advancement of AI technologies through market research, public promotion and advocacy for pro-innovation policy.

Applications of AI in Healthcare

Support the thoughtful application of trustworthy AI in healthcare

We are witnessing the accelerated use of AI in healthcare. To ensure this technology will improve patient outcomes and create a more sustainable and accessible healthcare system, public policy must support its innovation and safe use. Well-designed policies should be based on a shared understanding of the different capabilities and applications of AI in healthcare. This brief is a first step toward creating a shared awareness about Health AI.