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Health and Fitness

From activity trackers and digital fitness trainers to sleep monitors and allergen detectors, technology is helping consumers be informed about how they can live healthier and more active lives.
Intensity Metrics: Physical Activity Monitoring (ANSI/CTA-2074)
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Intensity Metrics: Physical Activity Monitoring (ANSI/CTA-2074)

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Bringing the Health Tech Ecosystem Together

The pandemic demonstrated the value that innovation and technology can provide in the face of an unprecedented health crisis. However, it also shined a light on several weaknesses in our health care system, including underfunded state and local public health agencies, fragmented health data, fragile supply chains, inequitable care and outdated health-related laws and regulations.

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The Health Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® strives to advance the use of consumer-based, technology-enabled health solutions to deliver better health outcomes and reduce overall health care costs.