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Consumer robotics are bringing game-changing innovations across the tech sector. Robotics are now deployed everywhere, from factory floors and retail stores to banks and insurance offices, creating new opportunities.
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CTA U.S. Consumer Technology Five-Year Industry Forecast, 2021-2027 (January 2023)

The Five-Year Industry Forecast is CTA’s most comprehensive forecast report, charting U.S. market size and shipment volumes for nearly 300 products, product features and services. This report takes a deep dive into each product category, providing market data on new product features and embedded technologies within each segment. The Five-Year Industry Forecast is grounded in CTA’s unique position in the industry, drawing upon the perspective of its members, its dedicated team of research analysts, and its deep knowledge of technology adoption.

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COVID-19 Impact: Retail Innovations
Autonomous Delivery Systems: Consumer Awareness and Favorability
Baseline Cybersecurity for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (ANSI/CTA-2088.1)
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Baseline Cybersecurity for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (ANSI/CTA-2088.1)

CTA-2088 specifies baseline device security capabilities and related organizational security capabilities and recommendations for devices and device systems, including for individual connected devices, endpoint devices, components, hardware modules, chips, software, sensors or other operating components. This standard (CTA-2088.1) builds upon the baseline cybersecurity requirements in CTA-2088 to address the cybersecurity requirements and recommendations relevant to the unique capabilities, uses, and applications of small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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