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The Good Tech Can Do

Technology is providing solutions to today's biggest problems. It's keeping us productive, educated, protected and connected from health to hunger, transportation to the environment.
The Public Health Tech initiative is an opportunity to think carefully about the greater adoption of technology to improve the country’s response, preparedness, and recovery in future public health emergencies…
Rene Quashie VP, Digital Health, CTA
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CES 2023 Spotlights Tech for Good

From EV vehicles to countless solutions for a hotter, drier and hungrier planet, CES 2023 showed the determination of tech innovators to tackle the world’s most intractable challenges. Not just by the numbers, but by the focus on tech for good across 2.2 million net square feet of prime exhibit space, CES 2023 was one for the record books. Here’s a look at how sustainability, accessibility, diversity and other facets of human well-being were taken on in Las Vegas.

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Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions

This study aims to better understand the perceptions, sentiments and usage of different digital health solutions among healthcare providers (HCPs) and consumers, before triangulating these needs with the drivers and barriers that health tech company stakeholders perceive.