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Audio and Video

From 8K UHD TVs to immersive sound systems, video and audio innovations create the ultimate home entertainment experience for consumers.
Content in the COVID-19 Era: Current Realities and Future Opportunities
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Content in the COVID-19 Era: Current Realities and Future Opportunities

Understand how COVID-19 has impacted the consumer entertainment and video gaming content landscape. 

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Recent Standards

NTSC/ATSC Loudness Matching (CTA-CEB11-D)

This bulletin addresses the source levels, gain structure and output levels of any consumer digital television broadcast receiver, set top box, integrated AV receiver or similar device that is capable of receiving any or all of the above services.

Test Methods for Determining A/V Products Energy Efficiency (ANSI/CTA-2084)

This standard defines procedures for determining audio/video (A/V) product energy performance.

Web Application Video Ecosystem – Web Media API Snapshot 2020 (CTA-5000-C)

CTA-5000-C lists key web browser components used for streaming media that were supported by all four of the major web browsers at the time of CTA-5000-C’s publication.

Web Application Video Ecosystem - Content Specification (CTA-5001-C)

CTA-5001-C enables content producers to produce a single version of a program that can be viewed on different hardware/software combinations, and it assists content distributors in preparing streams that will be compatible with the consumer devices they want to target.

Immersive Experience
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The Ultimate Immersive Experience

More than 26 million U.S. households have a home theater system, with the potential to grow by 50% in the next 12 months. On average, owners have nearly three extra devices connected to their home theater.

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