We are your advocates for innovation. Through our policy work at the federal, state and local levels across North America, we support the innovation economy and fight laws and rules that delay, restrict or ban the development of consumer technologies.

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New technology and innovative online platforms are threatened by overreaching mandates and outdated government rules.

We work closely with regulators, legislators and public policy stakeholders to represent the entire industry’s interests. 

Our Issues


We believe federal regulations should balance the goals of improved accessibility and the flexibility to innovate.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming many sectors of our economy. As AI performs more complex tasks, policymakers need to understand how it will revolutionize our lives.


Policymakers should promote, not attack, American innovation and ingenuity. This means working with U.S. tech companies to protect consumers and competition, without penalizing companies for simply being successful.


CTA is committed to addressing the demands of our connected world and working with Congress and government agencies around building out our 5G infrastructure and increasing commercial access to spectrum.


We support national industry-driven standards that provide consistency and clarity for consumers and innovators.

Digital Health

CTA is committed to advancing policies that enhance the use of consumer-based, tech-enabled health solutions that deliver better health outcomes and reduce overall health care cost. 


We encourage local and state governments to avoid creating conflicting laws that encumber innovators, confuse the public and limit innovation and growth.

Energy Efficiency

Each year, the tech industry’s progress toward greater energy efficiency saves consumers millions of dollars and reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Sustainability

We support smart, collaborative approaches to improving electronics recycling and increasing sustainability.

Future of Work

To ensure a competitive workforce, create new jobs and foster economic growth, the government and private sector must collaborate.


We need updated laws that welcome the world’s best and brightest and provide a permanent solution for dreamers.

Online Speech

We oppose efforts to weaken Section 230 and make the internet a less vibrant platform for culture, commerce and competition.

Patent Reform

Frivolous litigation brought by patent trolls drains the U.S. economy — wasting money that innovators must spend on lawyers rather than creating jobs.


We support a federal framework that promotes consumer data privacy and innovation.

Self-Driving Cars

SDVs will save thousands of lives every year, reducing accidents and fatalities on our roads. Federal and industry leadership should partner to meet consumer demand for self-driving tech as swiftly and safely as possible.


As Congress and the White House address trade issues with China, they must consider the economic impact of barriers to trade on American jobs and companies.

Innovation Scorecard

The Innovation Scorecard, produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, consists of two yearly indexes that evaluate innovation-friendly policies both domestically and internationally.

What You Can Do

Get Involved in CTAPAC
Get Involved in CTAPAC

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The Consumer Technology Association advocates for innovation by working with policymakers and providing feedback on a range of technology policy issues.