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From self-driving technologies to aftermarket enhancements and smart mobility, the state of vehicle technology is rapidly evolving.
CES 2024 Trends Report
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CES 2024 Trends Report

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Ripple™, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an open-radar API standard to enable hardware / software interoperability and accelerate the growth of applications for general purpose consumer radar.

Recent Standards

Mobile Electronics Wiring Designations for Audio and Vehicle Security/Convenience (ANSI/CTA-803-C)
Ripple Radar Sensor API Specification
Baseline Cybersecurity for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (ANSI/CTA-2088.1)
Electric truck
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Electric Vehicles, the Environment and the Evolution of Mobility

Technology enhances nearly every facet of our lives, including the health of our planet. With lower greenhouse gas emissions, Electric vehicles (EVs) offer a more sustainable solution amid growing concerns around pollution. Interest in EVs has grown significantly over the past few years with businesses and consumers alike.

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Vehicle Technology Division

The Vehicle Technology Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® works to ensure a level playing field of aftermarket products and combat regulatory efforts to limit the use of new devices in vehicles.