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Technology is about changing people’s lives for the better. We are committed to increasing access to infrastructure that will connect Americans across the country — providing access to job opportunities, education, medical assistance and more. Through policy work on Capitol Hill, we protect the innovation economy from laws and regulations which delay, restrict or ban the development of technologies and oppose efforts that could make the internet a less vibrant platform for culture, commerce and competition.
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Featured Research

CTA U.S. Consumer Technology One-Year Industry Forecast, 2018-2023 (January 2023)

The one-year industry forecast serves as the benchmark for the consumer technology industry, charting U.S. market size and shipment volumes for nearly 100 products and services. 

More Research

CTA U.S. Consumer Technology Five-Year Industry Forecast, 2021-2027 (January 2023)
2022 Technology Product Lifecycle Study
Retail Innovations: 2022
Featured Standard

Wave Project

The WAVE (Web Application Video Ecosystem) Project, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, aims to improve how internet-delivered commercial video is handled on consumer electronics devices and to make it easier for content creators to distribute video to those devices.

Recent Standards

Web Application Video Ecosystem - Web Media API SnapShot 2022

Baseline Cybersecurity Standard for Devices and Device Systems (ANSI/CTA-2088)

Ripple Radar Sensor API Specification

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Online Speech
Privacy and Security

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