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Technology is about changing people’s lives for the better. We are committed to increasing access to infrastructure that will connect Americans across the country — providing access to job opportunities, education, medical assistance and more. Through policy work on Capitol Hill, we protect the innovation economy from laws and regulations which delay, restrict or ban the development of technologies and oppose efforts that could make the internet a less vibrant platform for culture, commerce and competition.
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Featured Research

CTA U.S. Consumer Technology One-Year Industry Forecast

The one-year industry forecast serves as the benchmark for the consumer technology industry, charting U.S. market size and shipment volumes for nearly 100 products and services. 

More Research

Exploring the Creator Economy

Understand attitudes and behaviors of both creators and consumers of online user-created content.

Data Privacy: US, Europe and China Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors

Gain an in-depth understanding of consumers’ attitudes and beliefs regarding online data privacy, focusing on the United States, China, and Europe.

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CTA Partners with Industry Leaders to Announce Ripple, a new open Radar API Standard

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® announced Ripple, a new industry standard for radar system development that will enable hardware and software interoperability for general purpose consumer radar across industrial, automotive and medical applications. 

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Featured Standard

Adoption and Deployment of Internet Streaming Video Technologies

The WAVE CMAF-IF surveyed global industry experts about their current and future plans for deployment of streaming technologies. 

Additional Standards

Inclusive, Audio-based, Network Navigation Systems for All Persons including those Who are Blind/Low Vision (ANSI/CTA-2076)

Baseline Cybersecurity Standard for Devices and Device Systems (ANSI/CTA-2088)

Physical Activity Monitoring for Heart Rate (ANSI/CTA-2065)

Featured Video

Leadership Roundtable: Connectivity and the Future of Consumer Technology

At the Technology & Standards Fall Forum, executive leaders from top technology companies explore the evolving connectivity ecosystem and the trends that will define the future of consumer technology.


  • Nandhu Nandhakumar, Senior Vice President, LG Electronics (moderator)
  • Alicia Abella, Managing Director, Google
  • James Buczkowski, Interim Vice President, Research and Advance Engineering, Ford Motor Company
  • Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, Boingo Wireless

Advocacy Efforts

Online Speech
Privacy and Security
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Featured Article

The Next Internet

The technologies to create the metaverse are now emerging. During CTA’s Fall Technology and Standards Forum in September, there was a fascinating panel discussion on the Future of Content where Bart Spriester, Comcast’s vice president and general manager of Content & Streaming Provider Solutions, introduced the metaverse as “the next internet.” 

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