| December 09, 2019

2020 Smart Home Leadership Award Winner | Logic Integration CEO & Founder Shawn Hansson

Rachel Manning
Shawn Hansson
Logic Integration CEO & Founder

Starting as a one-man shop in his garage in Colorado, Shawn Hansson has grown Logic Integration into a nationally recognized, multi-award-winning A/V company. Today, his company provides a variety of audiovisual and automatic design and installation services to homes and businesses nationwide.

For the last six years, Hansson has also been actively involved with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, participating in various membership groups including the Smart Home Division Board and recently the Board of Industry Leaders

To recognize his contributions and accomplishments to the industry, CTA’s Smart Home Division has selected Hansson as the winner of the 2020 Smart Home Leadership Award.

In a chat with CTA, Hansson reflects on winning this year’s Smart Home Leadership Award and discusses the future of the smart home industry

What are some of the contributions to the smart home industry that you’re most proud of?

I’m very proud to contribute to the industry as a whole. So many people have invested in my business and me over the years, so I want to do the same for others. Surround yourself with people smarter than you, that is an incredible way to learn.

I am grateful to be included in discussions on the ever-changing tariffs we are facing. This is especially challenging during the bid and proposal process from an integrator point of view on how to handle this tricky topic with proposals signed, but not yet ordered. We are trying to educate our customers early on in the sales process.

I’ve also enjoyed contributing and discussing network security in the home and the benefits of hiring professional installation for home automation products.

What do you anticipate the smart home space will look like in the future?

With more and more devices and everyday items connected, the smart home will be more convenient than ever. It will improve tasks such as doing laundry, placing orders, and delivering groceries and supplies. At CES 2019, I was looking at a folding machine for clothes, which is a game changer in the home. Who likes to fold clothes?

I am particularly excited about environmental innovations such as lighting, comfort tech, GEO Fencing technology and more. I predict the home will become self-adjusting for different seasons and lifestyles, continuing to improve on people’s quality of life, including sleep. The living space will truly adapt to one’s personal lifestyle and even mood that day, but also create peace of mind with better and smarter security. Through artificial intelligence, a smart home will learn when you tend to leave and return home and what your preferred temperature is in the winter and summer.

In what ways do you hope your selection for this award will inspire others in the consumer technology industry?

I think that being part of something bigger than yourself and contributing to an organization that can make a difference is very fulfilling. Many times, volunteering can be mundane and even inconvenient especially with how busy everybody is now, but it’s rewarding to see the impact and results of a study or a project that comes to life and eventually helping others. At the end of the day, we all need to be advocates for our industry and promote how technology can make life easier, safer, and even more fun.

Each year, CTA presents the award to an individual who has made significant contributions to the growth and success of the smart home industry and shows continued dedication and service to the consumer tech industry. At CES 2020, Hansson will be recognized at the Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Join Us at the Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony

Jan. 08, 2020 | Venetian, Lido Ballroom 3103

Shawn Hansson, along with other manufacturers, distributors and systems integrators, will be honored during CES 2020 at the Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony.