Press Release | April 22, 2024

Consumer Technology Association Opposes Connecticut SB 2: Urges Congress to Act on National AI Rules

Patrick Pannett
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® stands firmly against Connecticut Senate Bill 2 (SB 2), which seeks to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) at the state level. While establishing rules for AI is important, SB 2, is not the answer. Rather, now is the time for a national policy which supports U.S. competitiveness and innovation.

“SB 2 would impose onerous obligations on developers and deployers of AI, extending far beyond Connecticut's borders,” said Gary Shapiro, CEO, CTA. “This could result in a patchwork of compliance requirements which choke innovation and stop market growth. CTA opposes SB 2 and urges Connecticut policymakers to consider alternative approaches that foster innovation while addressing legitimate concerns about AI regulation.”

The broad disclosure requirements and ambiguous standards of SB 2 could expose AI developers to unwarranted liability, compromise confidential business information and confuse consumers. SB 2 extends beyond state borders and contains provisions which pose significant risks to innovation and economic growth.

“CTA urges Congress to act swiftly in establishing national rules for AI to protect global competitiveness and the borderless nature of technology,” Shapiro added. “As North America’s largest technology trade association, we stand ready to collaborate on effective, forward-thinking AI policies, drawing on our experience in AI policymaking and standards.”

As CTA works on the biennial State Innovation Scorecard rankings, states that adopt a similarly broad and complex approach to AI regulation will be scored lower in our 2025 report.

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