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As a member of the Federal Aviation Administration's UAS Registration Task Force and Micro UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee, we worked to develop the drone registration guidelines and have made recommendations for drone flights over people. Our philosophy is to work with elected officials and government regulators to ensure that drone technology is safely integrated into our national airspace. As part of this initiative, we support the “Know Before You Fly” consumer safety campaign, encouraging responsible use of drones. 

With the U.S. reaching one million drone flights per day within the next 20 years, we are at a crucial time to develop the right regulatory framework for drone technology. For the U.S. to stay competitive, and for drone-related businesses to thrive, we need regulatory as well as nonregulatory solutions that support both safety and innovation.

We encourage local and state governments to avoid creating conflicting federal laws that would encumber innovators, confuse the public and limit growth.