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Content and Entertainment Council

The Content and Entertainment Council pioneers the dynamic intersection of consumer behavior, technology and content evolution. We are dedicated to unlocking profound insights that guide the industry through the ever-changing landscape of consumer behavior, technology infrastructure and advancements, content creation and content distribution.

Key Initiatives

  • Host and Curate thought leadership sessions focusing on media and content trends during relevant industry events, including CES 2024.
  • Develop and Deliver a durable mission statement and guiding impact framework for the Content and Entertainment Council by Q2 (April 2024).
  • Investigate and Explore the potential of AI as a tactic of disruption within the media landscape.
  • Guide and Influence research on Gen-Z consumer habits and gaming industry trends to uncover insights and identify opportunities within the media sector.
  • Establish a collaborative working group to champion sustainable practices across diverse aspects of the content and entertainment industry, spanning entertainment production, consumer electronics manufacturing, and content creation.

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Division Projects

Streaming Technology Consumer Glossary

The Content and Entertainment Council, in collaboration with other member divisions, has created consumer definitions for streaming technologies.

Streaming Technology: Consumer Definitions Glossary (PDF)

How You Can Participate

Participation is open to all CTA members. Contact Quinn Needham to learn how you can get involved.

Recent Research

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