The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Political Action Committee (CTAPAC) protects the consumer technology industry.

Right now, outside interests are pushing Congress to impose mandates that will raise costs and reduce our freedom to innovate.

Other groups are urging severe restrictions on international trade that will harm our competitiveness and our bottom lines.

Participation through a robust PAC allows CTA to have a voice in the political process and empowers our advocacy efforts with the additional resources needed to succeed.

The Benefits of a Powerful CTAPAC:

Allows CTA to be the strongest voice on issues critical to our industry.
Promotes our message of innovation and free markets.
Enables our industry to support policymakers who share our values.

Contribute to CTAPAC

Our Political Action Committee is your voice in Congress and protects your freedom to build and sell consumer technology products and services.

Questions About CTAPAC?

If you have questions about CTAPAC or would like to become involved in CTAPAC activities, please fill out this form.

CTAPAC Leadership Board

Parker Brugge
Parker Brugge

Head of Federal Affairs, Best Buy

Tom Campbell

Global Technologist, Consumer Visionary and Entrepreneur

Bob Fields

COO, HiberSense, Inc

Deena Ghazarian

CEO, Austere

Denise Gibson

Co-Founder and Chairman, Ice Mobility

John Godfrey

Senior Vice President, Public Policy, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Dr. Ximena Hartsock

Founder & President, Tech Apprenticeships LLC

Loyd Ivey

Chairman and CEO, MiTek Electronics and Communications

John Shalam

Chairman and Founder, VOXX International Corp.

Gary Shapiro

President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™