U.S. Jobs Team 

With advancements in technology, U.S. companies are creating millions of new jobs. The result is an unprecedented demand for workers with high-tech skills. Matching business needs with skilled workers will require innovative solutions – from rethinking education to changing recruiting practices to creating new upskilling programs. CTA is committed to addressing our nation's skills gap and the U.S. Jobs Team is leading a multi-pronged effort to create high-skilled employment opportunities for all Americans.  

Creating a 21st Century Workforce will take new approaches.

CTA's U.S. Jobs Team is pursing six of them. 

21st Century Workforce Council 
A leadership forum that engages CTA member companies in a dialogue about the effective workforce development strategies that are helping close the nation's skills gap. 

U.S. Tech Vets

A free member benefit to employ more Veterans by matching them with high-skilled jobs at technology companies.

Market Research
An annual "Future of Work" research study evaluates the current landscape of U.S. jobs, employer hiring practices, the impact of emerging tech application on the labor market and the private sector's investments in workforce development. 

Regional Tech Council Alliances
Builds strategic partnerships with regional Tech Councils to align policy and advocacy efforts, help attract skilled talent and position tech regions as leaders in technology innovation.

Leading in a National Conversation 
Through earned media, speaking events and its own channels, CTA serves as a thought leader on the critical importance of equipping America's workers with the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

U.S. Workforce Policy
Advances workforce policies to help grow the consumer tech industry and promote innovation by cultivating and attracting high-skilled talent, removing burdensome regulations and barriers to work, promoting increased broadband access and educating policymakers about disruptive technologies.

Future of Jobs