Press Release | July 18, 2023

Consumer Technology Association Joins White House to Support Cybersecurity Labeling Program to Protect Consumers from IoT Attacks

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) today joined officials from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Security Council (NSC) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the launch of the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program to give consumers more information about the cybersecurity of the Internet of Things (IoT)-connected products they buy.

“While walking CES this year, I saw IoT products that improve healthcare, transportation and energy efficiency. While IoT makes our world better, it also tempts bad actors to exploit consumers’ connected devices,” said CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro. “Research shows consumers want more information on the safety and security of their connected devices, and we agree.”

Today's announcement is a prime example of what can be accomplished through public-private cooperation. This announcement was informed by recommendations that CTA made over the past five years.

The program relies on a voluntary, dynamic product certification program that requires manufacturers to use specific security measures. That certification will help educate consumers and businesses about new connected products they’re evaluating or purchasing.

CTA has a proven track record seeding and leading public-private collaborations, as evidenced by its recent work with industry and the FDA to bring over-the-counter hearing aids to tens of millions of Americans. 
In the coming days, the FCC will launch the rulemaking process to support the Cyber Trust program.
Consumers can expect to see certification-ready products at CES 2024.

In the interim, CTA will continue to convene manufacturers, alliances, universities, consumer advocates, and CTA's own ANSI accredited standards body to work with federal officials as they craft final rules governing the program.  

As the FCC works to stand up the Cyber Trust Mark program, CTA, as the voice of the tech industry, will show that government and industry can work together to strengthen incentives for participation, and ensure manufacturers and retailers embrace this critical program.

“CTA’s work created the foundation for the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark to help consumers identify secure products,” said Michael Bergman, Vice President, Technology and Standards, CTA. “This program will minimize label footprint on packaging, while allowing for flexibility in displaying web pages for specific security parameters to consumers for participating devices.”  

Today’s announcement was held at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and included a trade-show-style exhibition showcasing the latest technology in internet-connected consumer products, including TVs, washing machines, and a range of consumer appliances.