Press Release | July 18, 2023

CTA Statement on the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark – Protecting Consumer Connected Devices

Good morning, everyone. I'm Michael Bergman, representing the Consumer Technology Association, the nation’s largest tech trade association. It's an honor to be here today.
CTA owns and produces CES – the most powerful tech event in the world – a proving ground for breakthrough technologies, and the global innovators who make the connected devices we find throughout our homes, and in our lives.
Connected devices, from smart TVs to video doorbells, have revolutionized how we live, work, and play. However, as the Internet of Things has made our lives easier, it’s created new opportunities for bad actors to exploit consumers’ devices.

The Consumer Technology Association worked with NIST and others for more than five years to develop a voluntary national cybersecurity labeling program. We meet regularly with manufacturers, alliances, universities, consumer advocates, and CTA's own ANSI-accredited standards body to develop the foundational requirements for the program.
This work created the foundation for the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark to help consumers identify secure products: a standardized mark and QR code, what information consumers will see online, how to incorporate existing programs, like third-party certification and self-attestation, and the technical requirements for a public registry of secure consumer products. 
CTA has a proven track record seeding and leading public-private collaborations, as evidenced by our recent work with industry and the FDA to bring over-the-counter hearing aids to tens of millions of Americans.
Research shows consumers want more information on the safety and security of their connected devices. We agree.
Our manufacturer and retail members are excited about the voluntary label program and are ready to sell certification-ready products once the FCC adopts final rules. Many are with us today to display their products and show their commitment to secure devices.  
As the FCC works to make the Cyber Trust Mark program happen, CTA, as the voice of the tech industry, will show that government and industry can work together to strengthen incentives for participation, and make sure more manufacturers and retailers embrace this critical program.
Through regulatory incentives like an earned safe harbor, preemption of state laws, and international alignment, government can speed up the pace of industry adoption.
The resulting Cyber Trust Mark can provide the consistency, predictability, and transparency that leads to greater protection of consumers, businesses and infrastructure.
By continuing to collaborate with industry, the United States can demonstrate critical leadership in cybersecurity and serve as a model for other nations.
We applaud President Biden and the Administration for their work to protect consumers. The National Security Council, FCC, NIST, and Congress have taken a big step forward by ensuring that consumers have the information they need to make informed decisions about the security of the connected products they buy.