Cyber Labeling for Connected Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) enhances how we live, work and play. Increased adoption of connected devices prompts questions about how to effectively address security of these devices, protect the networks they run on and safeguard the data they collect. 

A public-private sector effort led by the White House, with input from CTA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other government and private sector stakeholders is developing a voluntary cybersecurity label program for consumer connected devices (consumer IoT). The U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program will give consumers more information about the cybersecurity of the connected products they buy and ensure that those products meet certain standards.

Part of a broader effort around improving U.S. cybersecurity, CTA can help you participate in the process or learn how manufacturers, retailers, installers and consumers can engage and collaborate to develop a successful voluntary cybersecurity label program. 

Featured Article | 7/18/2023

Consumers Want to Know More about IoT Security. A New Public/Private Labeling Program Will Help.

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CTA’s work helped create the foundation for the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark to help consumers identify secure products.
Michael Bergman VP, Technology and Standards, CTA
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