Press Release | April 10, 2023

CTA Brings Together Lawmakers and Tech Companies for CES on the Hill

Laura Ambrosio

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® will bring together lawmakers and technology companies for CES on the Hill, a mini curated CES, to showcase the latest innovations in consumer technology. This invitation-only event will take place at CTA’s Innovation House in Washington, D.C. on April 19 as part of CTA’s Tech Week.

Some of the tech industry’s leading companies will participate in the event, including Amazon, BenjiLock, BuildWithin, DroneUp, HARMAN International, HP, IBM, Infineon Technologies, Intel, Joby Aviation, Lucid Motors, MAXSA Innovations, Microsoft, Panasonic, Philips, ResMed, and Vispero.

Attendees will experience a range of technology products from automotive technology and health devices to artificial intelligence and more. DroneUp will show a large drone used in commercial deliveries. Lucid Motors will bring an electric car. Intel will exhibit technology that can detect deep fakes in real time. ResMed will demo digital health technology that helps patients manage sleep apnea and other breathing disorders. Vispero will exhibit accessibility technology.

“This year’s event will show how innovations in mobility, health, accessibility and more are solving the world’s biggest problems,” said Michael Petricone, senior vice president of government and regulatory affairs, CTA. “It is important for lawmakers to understand the technology at the center of policy debates and the implications of policy decisions on innovators and consumers.”

CONTACT: Media interested in complimentary registration for CES on the Hill, should reach out to: Laura Ambrosio; and Ed Frank;