CES on the Hill

With the coronavirus outbreak expanding in the US, companies are halting travel, avoiding group gatherings and figuring out the best way to protect employees and serve customers. The CTA wants to help our Members plan effectively during this critical time, so we are canceling all or part of several near-term 2020 events. This will allow our Members to focus on core operations, plan ahead and conserve resources. Canceling meetings at the last minute means frustration and lost expense and no gain for everyone. Planning ahead gives us all more options.

CES on the Hill Is Canceled

CES on the Hill (Washington DC, April 20) is canceled. If you have booked travel, please cancel what you can – most airlines and hotels are offering no fees and/or credits for short-term travel cancellations. For any questions, please contact the CTA Conferences team.

We appreciate your understanding and your ongoing support of CTA.


Like a mini, curated CES, lawmakers get a chance to see and test out the newest consumer products and understand how progressive policy leads to innovation.

This event takes place at the Rayburn building on Capitol Hill to make it easy for policy makers to find time to visit, and is a well-attended by governmental technology enthusiasts every year.

Watch highlights from CES on the Hill 2019