Smart Home Division

Connected Home Security System

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Connected Home Security System  is the professional’s guide to secure installation and configuration of connected products, devices and systems in the home.

Access the Home Security Checklist

If you have access to the internet during the installation, access the Online Tool via the button below for a list of recommended security best practices. Limited time and no internet access? View and print the Security Checklist (PDF).

How to Use The Online Tool

Use the Online Tool as a checklist to remind you what you should do on every job, or use it as a thorough scoring system to determine how well you have secured a system.

To use the Online Tool:

  1. Select the products and devices to be installed or configured. PASSWORDS, NETWORKING and MODEMS/ROUTERS are required sections and make up approximately half of your score, because these are the most critical parts of securing a system.
  2. Walk through each section, which outlines what you need to do to secure those devices and subsystems.
  3. See your final score for the system.
  4. Forward the final score email to your client, reinforcing how you secured their home in accordance with security best practices.