Test Materials

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ maintains an extensive library of test material (bit streams) used by television manufacturers to test their designs for compliance with certain standards and technical requirements. 

3D Closed Caption

These example streams demonstrating 3D closed captions pursuant to ANSI/CTA-708.1 (Digital Television Closed Captioning: 3D Extensions).

Active Format Description (AFD)

These test streams check a television receiver’s ability to respond to AFD and Bar Data pursuant to CTA-CEB16 (Active Format Description & Bar Data Recommended Practice).

Digital Television Closed Captions (DTVCC)

Eight example streams are available to check DTV television receiver decoding of basic ANSI/CTA-608 (Line 21 Data Services) and ANSI/CTA-708 (Digital Television Closed Captioning) caption commands.

DTV Video Formats

These twenty-two test streams cover DTV video formats per ATSC A/53, Part 4 ("table 3") plus several other formats to check a DTV receiver’s decoder

Internet Protocol Closed Captions (IPCC) [COMING SOON]

These eight DTVCC streams transcoded to SMPTE-TT per CTA-TR3 (Closed Captioning in IP-delivered Video Programing) are used to test television receiver behavior.

Region Rating Tables (RTT)

These test streams check television receiver behavior to Rating Region 5 as defined by ATSC A/65C and ANSI/CTA-766-A (U.S. and Canadian Regional Rating Tables and Content Advisory Descriptions for Transport of Content Advisory Information Using ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP)).

Selection and Presentation of Digital Television Audio

These example test streams are used to demonstrate compatibility with CTA-CEB21 (Recommended Practice for Selection and Presentation of DTV Audio) recommendations for audio elementary stream selection by receivers.

Service Type

These test streams check a television receiver’s ability to identify and select service type announcements pursuant to ATSC A/65C Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP).

Video Description Stream

These test streams check the transition methods used to signal Descriptive Video Services to legacy and newer ATSC 1.0 (DTV) receivers.

To learn more, or to request access to any test stream, please email