Press Release | May 29, 2024

CTA Launches “The Human Component” Film Series, produced by BBC StoryWorks

Grace Venes-Escaffi
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® launched its second original short film series, “The Human Component,” produced by BBCStoryWorks Commercial Productions. Through compelling human-led films and immersive written content, the series features innovative technologies that are helping to support a more resilient planet, stronger societies, and healthier communities. 

“We’re thrilled to highlight innovative technologies that are improving the lives of millions,” said Gary Shapiro, CEO, CTA. “This series shows real-world examples of technology innovation that's making our planet more sustainable and bringing people closer to their communities.”

From healthcare inequity and unemployment to climate change and food insecurity, the innovations highlighted in this series address some of the most pressing global concerns. A 2023 Technology as a Force for Good report concluded that the cost of delivering the UN’s sustainable development goals could be reduced by up to 40% by implementing and scaling existing technology. 

“The Human Component” is a celebration of global collaboration as organizations come together to demonstrate the potential of technology in improving people’s lives. From start-ups to large conglomerates and nonprofits, this series explores the technological solutions that can be found actively changing lives across the globe. We follow children whose hospital stays have been improved through playing video games; a French start-up as they create a plant-based chicken being used by a Michelin chef at her restaurants and even a family being rehoused after losing their home in the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake. 

“The Human Component” is the second series created for the Consumer Technology Association, a trade association bringing companies together in their efforts to help improve people’s lives through technology. Featured members are AliveCor, Cisco, Magic Leap, ORBBEC, Panasonic, Philips Foundation, The Starlight Foundation (Nintendo), Verizon, Xandar Kardian, as well as CTA Foundation grantee Augmental. Through these stories, “The Human Component” aims to uplift the incredible efforts being made to help communities through technology, and inspire global cross-industry collaboration.

The Human Component
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