Press Release | April 23, 2020

CTA Expresses Concern Over Executive Order to Suspend Green Card Applications

Laura Ambrosio
The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, regarding the President’s Executive Order to temporarily suspend new green card applications. 

“The president’s decision to suspend certain green card applications for 60 days could not come at a worse time. The White House should reconsider this executive order — or at the very least include an exception for technology workers. The White House should also refrain from pursuing future action to restrict access to temporary guest worker programs.” 

“This decision will hurt our country’s competitiveness and hinder our efforts to stop the pandemic. America’s tech industry is helping lead the fight against COVID-19 — but this order chokes our access to the global talent we need to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our lives. We can’t stop the pandemic and restart the American economy if we restrict our access to the world’s leading innovators and job creators.” 

"Our nation needs innovative minds more than ever. We should be welcoming high-skilled immigrants to pursue STEM careers, launch businesses and contribute to the amazing technologies our great country continues to produce."