Press Release | August 01, 2018

CTA: Higher China Tariffs Hurt Our Country, Economy and Workers

Izzy Santa

The following statement is attributed to Sage Chandler, vice president of international trade, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), in response to the Trump administration's proposed 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports:

“The United States has every right to fight for American businesses that are treated unfairly by China’s policies, but higher tariffs on goods is a consumer tax. The current trade war with China will hurt low-wage workers, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, slow down U.S. innovation and make goods more expensive. By doubling down on tariffs, we’re forcing American businesses and entrepreneurs to incur costs that make them uncompetitive with their foreign competitors. We urge the Trump administration to roll back its proposal and continue negotiations with China.”

The proposed $200 billion tariff list endangers the entire Internet of Things ecosystem, impacting a range of technology products including data centers, routers, modems, e-readers, wireless headphones and speakers, fitness trackers and smartwatches.