Press Release | May 10, 2018

CTA Applauds Trump Administration’s Leadership on Artificial Intelligence

Elliot Grimm
The following statement is attributed to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), regarding today's White House Office of Science and Technology Policy workshop discussing the ways the government can help to advance artificial intelligence (AI) technology:
"We applaud the Trump administration and the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy for emphasizing the potential of AI to strengthen the U.S. economy and make Americans safer, healthier and more efficient. AI technology in self-driving vehicles has the ability to save thousands of lives on the road, AI tools are helping doctors reduce risks in surgery and AI-powered software is protecting us from sophisticated cyberattacks. These are only some of the areas of our lives that AI is beginning to revolutionize and improve.
"AI has the potential to solve many of our nation's most difficult issues. The future of U.S. leadership and innovation depends on a thoughtful and strategic policy approach to promote and enhance AI development. We thank the administration for hosting the leading tech companies, academic institutions and policymakers to determine how to maximize the significant benefits AI will bring and maintain U.S. leadership in AI."
CTA recently launched an AI working group of leading companies in AI development and deployment to address the policy challenges associated with AI. 

A recent CTA study, Current and Future Prospects of AI, shows how AI will transform the future of nearly every sector of our economy - from health care and transportation to entertainment and security. Looking across 12 industrial sectors, CTA research found companies that adopt AI technologies report higher profit margins than non-adopters. 

For a deeper discussion of AI’s potential to improve our lives, read Gary Shapiro’s latest op-ed on Fox News