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21st Century Workforce Council

Technology advancements are dramatically changing our nation’s workforce, creating quality, high-skilled jobs. The 21st Century Workforce Council of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ focuses on addressing the critical skills gap and creating a high-skilled workforce.

Key Initiatives

  • Position the consumer tech industry as a leader in creating a high-skilled workforce 
  • Connect veterans and military spouses to employment opportunities in the consumer tech industry
  • Shape workforce policy relevant to the consumer tech industry
  • Promote STEM learning as early as K-12
  • Inform topics for CTA’s workforce-related research
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in hiring and career progression

How You Can Participate

Join the 21st Century Workforce Council and actively engage in a forum to share best practices and solutions, address business challenges and develop strategies to create a collective voice related to successful workforce development and talent acquisition strategies.

The Council is made up of executives responsible for areas such as talent acquisition, workforce development, diversity and inclusion, veteran hiring and human resources.

Participation is open to all CTA members. Contact us to be included in 21st Century Workforce Council communications and meeting notices.