Technology & Standards Spring Forum

Technology & Standards Spring Forum

May 10-12, 2022 | Arlington, VA

The Technology & Standards Forum is an event where engineers, product managers and people from technology alliances gather to hear presentations, network, share information and develop standards.

Event Details

The Technology & Standards Spring Forum, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is returning to an in-person event, May 10 – 12 at CTA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect in-person with your fellow standards participants for three days of industry meetings, collaboration, and networking opportunities.

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Recorded Sessions

View sessions from the 2021 Technology & Standards Spring Forum, a digital event. View additional sessions from the 2021 Technology & Standards Fall Forum.

Technology Trends Talk: A Return to Normal?

CTA analysts will examine the trends and technologies shaping innovation and consumer behavior this year and beyond.


  • Steve Koenig, CTA
  • Lesley Rohrbaugh, CTA 
  • Brian Markwalter, CTA (moderator)

Beyond Definitions: Future Standards for Digital Therapeutics

In 2020, CTA launched a new initiative to develop standards for the use of digital therapeutics — an emerging field that uses software-based interventions to enhance or provide care. In this session, CTA experts explore the current and future roadmap for standards to address digital therapeutics use cases, opportunities for growth of this innovative technology, and barriers to adoption. 


  • Jason Brooke, Amalgam RX
  • Gaurav Gupta, MindMaze
  • Julie Lankiewicz, Bose
  • Kerrianne Haresign, CTA (moderator)

Mental Health and the Virtual Care Evolution

The COVID-19 crisis led to massive acceleration in virtual care. The virtual care model addresses not only our physical health but our mental health, too. This session reviews the evolution of technology addressing mental care and additional opportunities for the development of guidelines related to the monitoring, treatment and diagnosis of mental health and wellness.  


  • Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, Doctor on Demand
  • Pete Buecker, BehaVR
  • Claudine Swartz, Beacon Health Options (an Anthem, Inc Company)
  • Caroline Scott, CTA (moderator)

Mitigating Bias Through Inclusive Design

The increasing use of artificial intelligence to aggregate large quantities of data has raised ethical and privacy concerns. Consumers and companies both now consider how collected data gets used and what can be inferred from it. Additionally, the potential for algorithmic bias poses significant risks for minority populations and companies trying to gather accurate information. Join us to discuss these challenges and practical recommendations for inclusive design that can lead to big data solutions respecting both privacy and diversity.


  • Alex Porter, Mod Tech Labs
  • Prashant Shah, Intel Corp
  • Kimberly L. Sterling, Pharm.D., M.S., ResMed
  • Alexandra Blasgen, CTA (moderator)

The Role of Data in Addressing Public Health Emergencies

Fundamental to responding to any public health crisis is access to data and resources that are timely, accurate and flexible. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to advancements in services and technology. It has also helped us recognize new opportunities to improve the way we use digital health resources, which in turn will help us more effectively track and respond to future public health emergencies. This session will explore these opportunities to leverage and improve health data.


  • Jennifer Bae, American College of Cardiology
  • Dr. Alex Garza, SSM Health
  • Dr. David Rhew, Microsoft
  • Riya Anandwala, CTA (moderator)

Combating Deepfakes

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to touch all aspects of our lives, the technology presents a unique opportunity to help support media provenance and identify deepfakes. In this session, explore the roles and opportunities AI can play in content moderation, sourcing and creation. Additionally, discover how industry standards and collaboration can support this critical need. 


  • Poppy Crum, Ph.D., Dolby
  • Bruce MacCormack, Neural Transform and Project Origin
  • Andy Parsons, Adobe
  • Brian Markwalter, CTA (moderator)
Thank you to [CTA] for offering a platform for organizations to collaborate on consumer technology. Support Genie’s participation with the Tech & Standards Forum has been an invaluable experience. Every company should join the conversation.
Moy Loza VP of Marketing and Sales, Support Genie