Technology & Standards Fall Forum

Sept. 26-29, 2022 | San Diego, CA

This September, the Technology & Standards Fall Forum returned to the West Coast for four days of industry meetings and networking opportunities.

Attendees made valuable face-to-face connections with industry-leading consumer technology engineers, CTOs, product planners, designers, executives and more to discuss where the industry is headed.

Topics included:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Health
  • Metaverse
  • Consumer Radar
  • Video Technology
  • And more.

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2022 Panel Session


Build the Metaverse Panel Session

Location: Bridge Room, 11AM - 12PM

The metaverse is a big place. Building it, or them if you believe there will be many versions, requires new technology, content creation tools, devices, software, and standards. Hear from leading experts about their vision for the metaverse and what it takes to develop solutions that consumers will use every day.

Moderator: Kerri Haresign, CTA



Technology Trends Lunch

Location: Cortez Ballroom, 12 - 1:30PM

CTA analysts will examine the trends and technologies shaping innovation and consumer behavior this year and beyond.



Gamification of Healthcare Panel Session

Location: Bridge Room, 11:00AM - 12PM

Gamification is being applied to the healthcare ecosystem through the development of solutions and applications that enforce medication adherence, encourage daily data reporting, provide health education, and improve communication with providers. In this session, join Industry Experts as they explore the opportunities that gamification of health care solutions can help to promote engagement and retention and ultimately improve outcomes.

Moderator: Emily Hoefer, CTA


A National Cybersecurity Label- From 0 to 60 Panel Session

Location: Bridge Room, 2:30pm - 3:30PM

Since May 2021, the White House has been driving NIST and other agencies to make a consumer cybersecurity label for connected devices happen. Meanwhile, industry is struggling with fragmented cybersecurity regulation internationally and at the state level; there is no framework that permits self-attestation; there is no relief on liability and the U.S. struggles for relevance in cybersecurity label requirements overseas. This session will explore how products will be affected, and what’s next.

Moderator: Alexandra Blasgen, CTA


  • Vaibhav Garg: Executive Director, Cybersecurity Research & Public Policy, Comcast Cybersecurity
  • John Quigley: VP of Quality, Interteck
  • Mike Bergman: Staff VP, Technology and Standards, CTA