Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming many sectors of our economy – performing more complex tasks and revolutionizing more aspects of our lives. AI technologies are improving medical diagnoses, increasing efficiencies in agriculture, detecting serious cyber threats, and more.

CTA supports the adoption and use of voluntary AI principles and frameworks that encourage the development of accurate, ethical, inclusive, and trustworthy AI while offering flexibility to innovate. 

CTA: Shaping the Responsible Future of AI for a Better World

As North America’s largest tech association, CTA and its diverse members are shaping the future of AI technology through industry leadership and pro-innovation advocacy.

National AI Policy Framework

The U.S. has an opportunity to lead the world on AI policy as well as AI innovation. This framework contributes to the evolving dialogue about appropriate guardrails for AI technology and supports a measured and balanced approach to rules.

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Featured Research

2023 Decoding Consumer Sentiment and Outlook on Artificial Intelligence

U.S. adults aware of AI think of AI as “innovative” and are open to using AI-enabled services, like home security and health care, while expressing concerns about privacy and disinformation. At the same time, AI-familiar consumers feel the federal government should be responsible for implementing a balanced approach in regulating AI.

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Featured Standard

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Practices for Identifying and Managing Bias 

This voluntary standard identifies types of bias, sources of bias, and bias management practices for health card applications of AI.

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Recent Standards:

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

CTA launched an AI working group to address questions around artificial intelligence technology and help guide CTA’s work on AI policy issues.