Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming many sectors of our economy – performing more complex tasks and revolutionizing more aspects of our lives. 

AI technologies are;

  • improving medical diagnoses, 
  • increasing efficiencies in agriculture, and
  • detecting serious cyber threats. 

But AI raises questions about jobs, bias, cybersecurity and other serious issues.

To lay the groundwork for pro-innovation AI policy, CTA educates policymakers about the positive uses of AI and how government can work with the tech industry. 

Policy Priorities

Educate Lawmakers

Explain the ways AI can revolutionize many sectors of the economy, from healthcare to cybersecurity.

Prevent Over-Regulation

Fight against premature and overly-broad attempts to regulate AI in response to hypothetical or speculative harms.

Work With Industry and Government

Engage the public and private sectors to mitigate biased outcomes from AI algorithms, ensure adequate data security and prepare the American workforce for new opportunities created by AI.

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

At the beginning of 2018, CTA launched an AI working group to address questions around artificial intelligence technology and help guide CTA’s work on AI policy issues.