Future of Work

With advancements in technology, U.S. companies are creating millions of new jobs. The result is an unprecedented demand for workers with high-tech skills.

Matching business needs with skilled workers will require innovative solutions — from rethinking education to changing recruiting practices to creating new upskilling programs.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is committed to addressing our nation's skills gap and is leading a multipronged effort to create high-skilled employment opportunities for all Americans.


Future of Work: 2022 CTA Member Survey

For the sixth year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®️ surveyed tech industry leaders on current and future workforce issues. The survey was completed by business leaders who identify as part of CTA membership.

The world of work has changed drastically over the past couple years, but tech companies are more challenged than ever before to find workers with the skills they need. The survey results show how the competitive work environment is affecting benefits, perks and other corporate offerings necessary to retain employees. At the same time, tech companies are normalizing hybrid work at attracting workers from a more diverse talent pool.

21st Century Workforce Council

A leadership forum that engages CTA member companies in a dialogue about the effective workforce development strategies that are helping close the nation's skills gap

CTA Apprenticeship Coalition

CTA and IBM created the CTA Apprenticeship Coalition, a collaborative effort by CTA member companies to create and expand hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities nationwide and prepare American workers for careers in fast-growing fields such as software engineering, data analytics, project management and hardware design.