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2023 Industry Partners

Innovators ($50,000+)

CTA logo

Collaborator ($25,000-34,999)

Intel Logo
NextFifty Initiative Logo

Investors ($15,000-24,999)

Amazon Logo
Ricoh Logo

Partners (5,000-14,999)

  • Canon

  • Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
  • Panasonic
  • Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative
  • Vispero
  • Walmart 

Organizational Donors (under $5,000)

  • PEPCOM Inc.
  • Pearl TV
  • Phelps Creative House 

2023 Individual Supporters

Innovators ($5,000-9,999)

  • Maureen Conners, Conners Consulting
  • Liora & Levy Gerzberg Family Foundation
  • Gary Shapiro, CTA 

Investors ($2,500-4,999)

  • Eric Hsia, Translike Capital
  • Gary & Silvia Yacoubian, Specialty Technologies, SVS 

Stakeholders ($1,000-2,499)

  • Anonymous
  • Scott Burnett, IBM
  • Lee Cheng, Symmetry IP
  • Poppy Crum
  • Stephen Ewell, CTA Foundation
  • Ximena Gates, BuildWithin 

Stakeholders  (cont.) 

  • Denise Gibson, ICE Mobility
  • David Grossman, CTA
  • Moaz Hamid, mvmt ventures
  • Veronica Lancaster, CTA
  • Sally Lange Witkowski. Slang LLC 

Stakeholders (cont.)

  • Glenda MacMullin,CTA
  • Sherida McMullan, GitLab
  • Daniel Pidgeon
  • John & Jane Shalam, Voxx International
  • Sarah Storelli, Amazon 

Entrepreneurs ($500-999)
  • Henry Chiarelli, Chiarelli & Associates
  • Kinsey Fabrizio, CTA
  • John Godfrey, Samsung
  • Suzanna Kang, CTA

Entrepreneurs (cont.)
  • Michael May, GoodMaps
  • Kathleen Moran
  • Kevin Webb, Mistubish Electric America Foundation 

Supporters (up to $499)

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Kailey Adametz, CTA
  • Catrina Akers
  • Melissa Andresko, Lutron
  • Matt Ater, Vispero
  • Jacqueline Black, CTA
  • Michael Brown
  • Alber Bukai
  • Karen Chupka, CTA
  • Diana DiAntonio, CTA
  • Stacy Gallucci
  • Kara Grasso
  • Kerrianne Haresign, CTA 
  • Melissa Harrison, CTA

  • George Hechtman, Hecthman Venture Development LLC
  • John Heiser
  • David Kaplan, Bluesalve Partners
  • John Lindsey, CTA
  • Brian Markwalter, CTA
  • Kamilah Martin-Proctor
  • Melissa Matalon
  • Josh Miller
  • Bayo Olabisi
  • Patrick Pannett, CTA
  • Davis Park, Front Porch 
  • Sean Perkins, CTA

  • Lawrence Richenstein,We Power Technologies
  • David Rodarte, Changing Velocity
  • Roberta Scherf
  • Sonya Shifflett, CTA
  • Colby Takeda, Pear Suite
  • Ilyse Veron
  • Frank Viggiano
  • Leanne Vos
  • Skip West, MAXSA Innovations
  • Thomas Wlodkowski, Comcast 

    2022 Tribute Gifts

    The following donors have chosen to honor or remember an individual with their tribute donation. To learn more about tribute gifts, please visit our dedicate webpage.

    In memory of Loyd Ivey

    Stephen Ewell 

    In memory of David Lorsch

    Skip West 

    In honor of John & Jane Shalam

    Stephen Ewell

    Liora & Levy Gerzberg Family Foundation

    Glenda MacMullin 

    In honor of Arnie Storelli

    Sarah Storelli 

    In honor of Chris Storelli

    Sarah Storelli 

    In memory of Tyler Suiters

    Diana DiAntonio

    Daniel Pidgeon

    Pearl TV 

    In memory of Professor Jihmin Wang

    Lee Cheng

    In honor of Natalie Zundel

    Kathleen Moran

    In honor of my parents, Gloria & John

    Sally Lange Witkowski. Slang LLC 

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