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Individual Donors

The CTA Foundation would like to thank our generous 2021 individual supporters. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If you have a correction, please contact us.

  • Kailey Adametz, CTA
  • Lori Bruss, CTA
  • Scott Burnett, IBM
  • Lee Cheng, Symmetry IP
  • Diana DiAntonio, CTA
  • Kara Dickerson, CTA
  • Stephen Ewell, CTA Foundation
  • Kinsey Fabrizio, CTA
  • Jim Fellinger, CTA
  • Caroline Finnell, CTA
  • Jean Foster, CTA
  • Liora & Levy Gerzberg Family Foundation
  • Denise Gibson, Ice Mobility
  • John Godfrey, Samsung
  • Joellyn Gray, Graymatters
  • Jay Heavner, CTA
  • Brooke Hirsch, CTA
  • John Hotta
  • Eric Hsia, Translink Capital
  • Suzanna Kang, CTA
  • Veronica Lancaster, CTA
  • KR Liu, Google

  • Glenda MacMullin, CTA
  • Brian Markwalter, CTA
  • Melissa Matalon, CTA
  • Michael May, GoodMaps
  • Tiffany McCoy, CTA
  • Christine Meikle, CTA
  • Tiffany Moore, CTA
  • John Penney, Elemental, LLC
  • Sean Perkins, CTA
  • Michael Petricone, CTA
  • Amanda Puller, AAMC
  • Katie Reilly, CTA
  • Caroline Scott, CTA
  • Veronica Seymour
  • Gary Shapiro, CTA
  • Sonya Shifflett, CTA
  • Tyler Suiters, CTA
  • Angela Titone, CTA
  • Nicole Vidovich-Parker, CTA
  • Gary and Silvia Yacoubian, Specialty Technologies/SVS
  • Natalie and Andrew Zundel
As well as our anonymous contributors.

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