i3 | January 04, 2023

Leaders in Technology Connect

Michael Petricone
CES 2023

Annual event brings policy-minded leaders together to tackle Washington’s most challenging tech issues.

U.S. elections reshuffle the cards and deal consumers and technology providers a new hand every two years. A new Congress and new committee chairmen arrive with fresh perspectives, issues and priorities. While CTA’s principles remain the same — to promote and defend innovation — a new legislative landscape debuts new threats as well as opportunities.

Those new opportunities will be the focus of our policy discussions at CES® 2023. CES is regularly attended by dozens of top government officials, including members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, state governors and international leaders. As part of our Leaders in Technology program, policymakers and innovation leaders exchange views on how to promote innovation and solve the most pressing problems facing our society. These discussions will take center stage at January’s CES, where the public and private sectors will tackle many of Washington’s most important and challenging tech issues.

Latest Agenda

We plan to explore how technology can improve and broaden health equity. The use of digital health technology exploded during the pandemic, evidenced in no small part by the growing number of telehealth companies on the CES show floor. To maintain that momentum, Congress must take concrete action to preserve the rights of doctors to provide remote health care and charge patients across state lines.

Sharp increases in blockchain use also require new focus. While some applications like digital currencies have been volatile, blockchain is quickly becoming the enabling technology powering everything from smart contracts to secure digital identification. We look forward to discussing how smart regulations can protect users and provide legal clarity to innovators and investors.

In an increasingly competitive world, the United States must be a leader in advancing cutting-edge technologies. We will explore how artificial intelligence can strengthen our economy and bolster our workforce, and what government interventions may be necessary to ensure this new technology will not be abused.

Leaders will also debate what measures can ensure consumer privacy in the digital age. Knowing that consumer trust is key to marketplace success, the devil is in the details as leaders look to determine the appropriate mix of policies that will protect private user data while allowing socially beneficial information and incentivizing innovation.

While other countries surge ahead, the United States remains hindered by the lack of a federal framework for autonomous vehicles. We will convene government and private sector experts to debate how Congress can move forward with rules to promote self-driving vehicle rollouts and testing.

One key issue of perennial interest is America’s global competitiveness. We will discuss how to maintain strength and vibrancy in the global tech marketplace, as well as how to increase the reach of U.S. global trading relationships.

Finally, we look forward to hearing directly from congressional leaders on their technology priorities and goals for the upcoming session.

Innovation works best when the government and private sector connect, debate ideas, and work together. We look forward to seeing you at our Leaders In Technology events at CES.