i3 | January 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Here We Come

CTA Staff
CES 2023

Here’s where you can find the CTA Foundation at CES® 2023.

CES is known as the global stage of innovation, and the CTA Foundation continues to create opportunities to push innovation that is accessible for all, on a truly global scale. CTA Foundation curates events, panels and competitions that emphasize the importance of technology to enhancing the lives of older adults and people with disabilities. Foundation events at CES include the 5th annual Pitch Competition, an Accessibility Roundtable, a Grantmakers Tour, and recognition of five winners of the 7th annual Eureka Park Accessibility Contest with free booth space in Eureka Park to showcase their accessible tech.

Eureka Park Accessibility Contest

This event annually recognizes five U.S.- and Canada-based startups whose innovations enhance the lives of older adults and people with disabilities. Winners receive a cash prize and the opportunity to show off their innovations in Eureka Park, the show’s startup marketplace.

After careful review of this year’s collection of unique and innovative tech solutions, our judges selected winners for CES 2023:What do those experiences have in common? They’re founded on the

magic of in-person connection. Each January, the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs, talented creators and inspiring leaders come together for an event that defines and reshapes the trajectory of our industry. After a few years that challenged all of us, I am inspired by the “attitude of gratitude” I’ve witnessed at our recent events. People are excited to be back together again. They know that CES creates opportunities to create and build relationships, host meetings, make deals and get business done. 

Global Gaming Revenue 2021 pie chart

Accessibility Roundtable

The CTA Foundation’s Accessibility Roundtable brings leaders from the tech industry and disability advocates representing wide-ranging organizations together at CES to discuss the opportunities and challenges of accessible technology, and build relationships to advance greater improvements in the space.

The discussion opens the doors to advancements in accessible technology through understanding the challenges and exclusions one faces when technology is not made accessible. This invite-only discussion will take place Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Grantmakers Tour

The CTA Foundation will also host a collection of foundations with a focus on how philanthropy and technology can work together to reach more people in need. These organizations will meet with several CES exhibitors and tour the show floor to identify other technologies of interest. Last year, the group visited booths featuring OTC hearing aids, travel power electric wheelchairs and wireless bone conduction headphones, to name only a few.

Pitch Competition

CTA Foundation Pitch Competition returns to the Startup Stage at CES 2023. Startups receive the opportunity to pitch solutions with a focus on technologies that help people of all ages and abilities engage in activities such as travel, hobbies and other activities throughout the world. Companies will pitch their technologies to industry judges and the audience, and winners are selected by the judges, along with an audience choice winner. Winners will receive high-profile attention on stage at CES, recognition and interview opportunities with the CTA Foundation network and meeting opportunities with CTA Foundation executives and trustees.

Thank You

The CTA Foundation would like to offer a warm thank you to companies and organizations that directly supported our mission this year and helped bring the conversation to CES.

Global Gaming Revenue 2021 pie chart