i3 | May 18, 2022

The First Metaverse for e-Commerce

Jenny Pareti
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Elina Minina, chief business development officer, Cappasity 

Online shopping jumped 32% during 2020 according to U.S. Census Bureau Data statistics, as Americans sheltered in place during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and pivoted to online life. The pandemic also resulted in an uptick in job changes as people had more time to reflect on their career paths and explore growth opportunities. Elina Minina, chief business development officer at Cappasity, represents both pandemic-induced shifts.

Elina Minina

“I used to work in fashion,” Minina explains. “When the pandemic hit, I thought that it was time to challenge myself in the e-commerce direction. I was amazed and completely in love with Cappasity’s 3D and AR (augmented reality) technologies. They disrupt the way we shop online.”

Interactive Visualization in 3D

Founded in 2013, Cappasity delivers a unique, scalable, turnkey solution for not only creating, but also integrating, immersive 3D content in photorealistic quality with an HD zoom feature into websites and apps. The platform allows auto-synchronization of 3D assets with large online catalogs through API/SDK, as well as using 3D analytics to measure consumer engagement. Unique data streaming technology is used for fast content delivery without overloading the client’s servers. Cappasity clients range from art and fashion schools to luxury consumer goods and retailers.

“It takes our customers only three minutes to digitize one SKU and embed it into online stores,” Minina says. “Also, an AR hologram of clothes can be done in 20 minutes, but this is far from the limit. We are going to accelerate the process to bring the online and offline shopping experiences closer together.”

Metaverse Visions

Cappasity plans to present the first-ever metaverse for e-commerce this year, changing the way customers interact with content by offering features like online fitting rooms where consumers can try on real and virtual items. It will be an immersive platform both for businesses and consumers, with all the content demonstrated exclusively in 3D and AR formats. According to Minina, brands will be able to digitize their items and create virtual showrooms with the full range of their products. 


“We also believe that mass adoption of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is the future and this is a completely new way for brands to engage with customers, target a younger, crypto-wealthy generation and increase brand awareness. We are working on our own interactive 3D NFT format that will be launched later this year.”

Cappasity further plans to expand its team and broaden its presence in international markets.

“Our plan is to continue reaching luxury and premium brands to let them know about our platform, try the product and deliver immersive shopping to their customers so they can bridge the gap between online and offline. I love watching the process of how our solution helps grow a business, observing the results and the difference that our 3D platform brings.”

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