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The EV Landscape

An electric vehicle being charged

The EV Landscape

Electric vehicle (EV) owners say not having to pay for gas, less maintenance, lower cost to charge with electricity and a silent motor were their favorite elements of EV or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) ownership, with about one-third of owners mentioning these aspects. CTA’s Electric Vehicle Landscape and Consumer Sentiment Study (December 2021) found barriers to consumer adoption for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) include not enough available charging stations and 49% of non-EV owners report not owning one because they are too expensive.

The lack of charging stations is also the second strongest hurdle to ownership of PHEVs, with 42% citing this reason. On the wish list for EV owners? Improved battery life, increased compatibility of chargers and reduced charging costs, they say would make their drives more efficient and enjoyable.

Source: CTA Market Research

Changes in EVS graph

Changes Owners Would Like to See in EVS/PHEVS

Improved battery life: 65%

More combability in chargers and charging ports across the brands: 48%

Reduced cost for rapid charging units: 47%

Improved quality: 33%

Consistent pricing method for charging electric vehicles: 32%

Make them lager (i.e., more full-size SUVs or trucks): 32%

Enhanced self-driving: 30%

Increased ability to customize or choose different trims: 29%

I do not see the need for any changes in EVs/PHEVs: 4%

Something else: 3%


Favorite Aspects of Owning an EV/PHEV

Not having to pay for gasoline: 34%

Less maintenance: 30%

Lowers cost to charge with electricity: 30%

Virtually silent electric motor: 29%

Doing my part to reduce global warming: 22%

The acceleration: 22%

New features added with software updates: 21%

Self-driving mode: 20%

Less expensive to service due to fewer moving parts: 20%

Rapid charging in 30 minutes or less: 19%

The comfort of the vehicle: 19%

Having a vehicle that is unique and distinct: 18%

The enhanced safety features: 17%

Increased accident-avoidance technologies: 16%

Parking assist: 15%

Top vehicle safety awards: 15%

The handling: 14%

Satellite navigation system: 14%

Entertainment features: 13%

The cool interior features: 12%

In-vehicle Wi-Fi: 11%

Touchscreen displays: 11%

High-resolution displays: 10%

Enhanced speakers/audio: 8%

Augmented video features: 8%

Floor lighting: 5%

Reasons for not Owning EVs

Reasons for Not Owning a PHEV

They are out of my price range: 49%

Not enough charging stations in my area: 42%

Cost to maintain an electric motor and a gas engine: 31%

Charging takes too long: 29%

Do not want to have a charging station installed in my house: 26%

Battery life would be too short, would end up using gas engine: 24%

Have a strong preference for my current brand of car: 22%

Have not found any PHEVs that I like: 18%

Concerned over the safety: 16%

Not sure of the environmental benefit (switching between gas/electric): 14%

Gas tanks would be too small to hold enough gas: 11%

None of these: 7%

Another reason: 5%

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