i3 | January 25, 2022

Optimism for the New Year

Cindy Loffler Stevens

Welcome to CES 2022! We are thrilled to be back in Las Vegas after two years and to be part of such a dynamic industry. CES shows us the promise of the future with consumer technologies that continue to improve global lives in unexpected ways.

At CES you can see groundbreaking technologies like self-driving and electric vehicles, robotics, health and fitness devices, the latest in food tech, artificial intelligence and IoT that are transforming the world. For example, Sierra Space is sharing its’ vision to build and support a low-Earth orbit economy. It is bringing a full-scale Dream Chaser model to the show floor at CES to highlight how business and tourism will take place in space before the end of the decade.

T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert, who is giving a CES keynote, talks about the massive 5G network the carrier is building that will fuel innovation. He says, 5G will likely connect almost everything — cities, farms, factories, machinery and even clothing — with the potential to enable smart infrastructure that can connect up to 100 times more devices and deliver real-time analytics using immense amounts of data.

Other game changing technologies are being deployed in farming. With edge computing and AI built into equipment, and using real-time data and analytics, a more resilient food system and better farming practices are being developed to feed the world.

We take a fresh look at virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) mixed reality (XR) and extended reality (XR) to see the crossover between entertainment and enterprise implementations, for example tourism, which encompasses both. And in a similar vein, we look at how gaming technologies like blockchain, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and GameFi, are creating new gaming metaverses opening additional revenue opportunities for the gaming communities, developers and investors.

We take a forward glimpse at stories on robotics, health care innovations, the emerging metaverse, streaming video and top tech trends for 2022. And because CES is all about entrepreneurs, we highlight the CES 2022 Innovation Award honorees. See what made them stand-out from the crowd.

On the policy side, CTA is working hard to ensure that the Americans with Disabilities Act works to benefit persons with disabilities, not opportunistic trial lawyers. On the health front, CTA and its Health Division are working to advance the use of consumer-based, tech-enabled health solutions to address issues such as public health and health equity, and deliver better health outcomes for all.

Enjoy CES and the serendipity and opportunities that come on the show floor when you see an unexpected colleague or develop a new relationship. Please send comments to cstevens@CTA.tech.  

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