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Enthusiasm for drone technology is growing as more consumers see drones being incorporated into their daily lives.

According to CTA research, it is estimated that 19% of households own a drone. CTA also estimated that 4.1 million drones are expected to be sold in 2022. With the increase of drones in the nation’s airspace, new and experienced drone users need to ensure that their drones take to the skies safely.

Drones are a unique aviation technology because they are easy to operate and fun to fly. For consumers looking to fly a drone for fun, the possibilities are endless — ranging from aerial photography to drone racing.

Safety First

Airspace is a shared national resource and the drone community needs to understand their responsibility to fly safely. That’s where the Know Before You Fly campaign comes in.

Know Before You Fly is an initiative to educate current and prospective drone users about the safe and responsible operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) — commonly known as drones. The campaign was created by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and CTA in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The campaign has been recognized by the U. S. Congress as a critical drone safety initiative in recent legislation. With this congressional support, Know Before You Fly is expanding in 2022 with new outreach and educational initiatives. The mission is to make sure everyone stays safe while flying a drone; everyone knows the rules; and the campaign is reaching as many drone enthusiasts as possible.

This year the campaign will help promote The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), which all recreational flyers are required to pass. TRUST was developed to provide recreational drone flyers with aeronautical safety knowledge and an overview of the rules for operating drones in the National Airspace System. TRUST is available for free and online through an FAA-approved test administrator. There are 18 organizations that are approved by the FAA to administer TRUST. You can find the list of FAA approved TRUST administrators on the FAA’s website. After passing the test, recreational drone flyers will be issued a completion certificate which they are required to show if asked by FAA or law enforcement personnel. The completion certificate does not expire.

Know Before You Fly. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

More Information

Flying drones for commercial purposes requires an operator to follow a specific set of rules and regulations. Visit the Know Before You Fly website for more drone safety tips, best practices, educational videos and other resources.

Organizations interested in educating drone operators about flying safely are encouraged to support the campaign. Organizations interested in becoming supporters can email contact@knowbeforeyoufly.org.

Remember, as a drone pilot, you have the responsibility to Know Before You Fly.

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