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CTA’s Innovation House

Kelsey Kelly and Aaron Rifkind
CTA's Foundation House

Policy Update Innovation House

After a long-awaited renovation, the CTA Innovation House is back to hosting small-scale events featuring members of Congress and other prominent government officials. We have been eagerly awaiting to reopen and are proud to feature double the footprint to allow more space to spread out and interact with speakers and new technologies.

Recent events include GlobalWin’s Next Leaders Retreat, Facebook’s Oversight Board Reception, SeedAI Foundation Reception and the CTA Foundation Accessibility event featuring Samsung, Amazon and AADP. Notable guests include Rep. Jerry McNerney, Rep. Michael McCaul, Rep. Anna Eshoo, Rep. Robin Kelly and Rep. Terri Sewell.

The CTA Innovation House remains a unique venue near Capitol Hill for educating policymakers and staff, enabling them to experience CTA member companies’ cutting-edge technology that drives our innovation economy.

CTA Foundation House stairs
CTA Foundation Innovation House Stairs

CTA Foundation House boardroom
CTA Foundation Innovation House Boardroom

CTA Foundation Accessibility Event at Innovation House 

By Dacia Turner

CTA Foundation innovation event

CTA Foundation and CTA recently partnered to host an Accessibility Event at the CTA Innovation House that featured accessible tech from two sponsors — Amazon and Samsung. The event shined a light on accessibility, inclusion and technology with information shared from Maria Town, AAPD president and CEO and staff members of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Both groups shared their outlook on accessible technology and what accessible tech may look like in the future.

Amazon and Samsung featured onsite demos. They also showed the different ways the technology functions so it can be customized to be suitable for everyone.

Amazon showcased its Fire TV which includes accessibility features like closed captions, the VoiceView screen reader, a screen magnifier and high contrast text. Amazon Echo devices also have accessibility features like its motion activated screen for consumers with mobility issues and its Alexa voice activated feature that also provides the option of Alexa captions.

Samsung brought its Samsung terrace outdoor television with high picture quality, assured protection from water and dust and officially verified for outdoor visibility. This TV also has accessibility features like closed captioning, high contrast menu and voice guide.

Attendees were able to interact with the latest accessibility tech and learn how it can help to improve lives.

Members interested in hosting an event at CTA’s Innovation House, should contact ctainnovationhouse@cta.tech.

cta foundation innovation house event

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