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Accessible Tech at CES

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Accessible tech enables those with disabilities to enhance their lifestyle. Accessible tech is featured across CES and the CTA Foundation will be conducting an array of events, competitions and interviews that shine a light on this segment of the industry.

CTA Foundation Pitch Contest featuring AARP Innovation Labs

CTA Foundation is again bringing the CES Pitch Competition sponsored by AARP Innovations Lab to CES 2022 in Eureka Park. Startups will pitch tech solutions responding to the challenge: “As people want to age in place, how can new, disruptive solutions help homes become smarter, safer, accessible, and fun at any age?” Our celebrity emcee along with industry experts will join as we celebrate innovative startups in this space. The winner will receive $3,000 along with coaching and networking opportunities. The audience choice winner will receive $2,000 as well as coaching and networking. Get the latest details on the CTA Foundation website and join us Thursday, January 6th at 1:00PM PT on the Startup Stage in Eureka Park!

Accessibility Roundtable

The annual convening of leaders from the tech industry and disability advocacy organizations will meet at the start of CES 2022. This roundtable allows participants to share opportunities and challenges, and build stronger relationships. Thank you to MITRE for sponsoring the accessibility services and Verizon for sponsoring the networking reception.

CTA Foundation Instagram Mural

CTA Foundation has commissioned an Instagram wall at the LVCC. This wall gives CES attendees the opportunity to highlight the ways that #TechGives supports various causes and communities through philanthropy. Stop by and post your photo and story on how #TechGives! Tag us on your social media so we can share your story.

Accessible Technology at CES LVCC

The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) will highlight accessible technologies from companies including Alango, American Printing House, Bros and Company, Creoir, FACIL’ITI, Goodmaps, Indigo Technologies, Lucid Audio, OrCam and Vispero. Other accessible tech will also be shown in areas like digital health and vehicle technology.

Venetian & Palazzo

The Venetian will also feature technologies to benefit older adults and people with disabilities. A few examples include AARP, Aetrex Worldwide, AIMS, Allterco Robotics, BioIT Labs, DriveSafe, Fasreesh Y Brush, Fusion Lab Technologies, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Labrador Systems, Lychee Things, MAXPRO Fitness, Mimi Hearing, Sharvy, Todoc and Waay.

CES 2022 Accessibility Contest Winners

These five companies were selected from a large pool of nominees and are exhibiting in Eureka Park.

1. Caregiver Smart Solution: The Peace of Mind Sensors analyzes the habits of people with disabilities and older adults. The sensors are monitored through their app and track movements providing real-time insights and alerts for potential falls.

2. Cosmos Robotics Inc.: ABY, a human guided robot used to help caregivers in assisted living facilities with daily tasks, is helping close the caregiver shortage gap and freeing up caregivers time.

3. GoVoBo: Universal Access Online Captioning (UAOC), an app that provides universal captioning for online meetings for the deaf and hard of hearing community. The goal is to communicate across any platform in any language.

4. Pear: An AI-enabled SaaS platform that provides a ‘hand-hold’ to older adults needing assistance in obtaining wellness information from locally trained outreach specialists, providing support with wellness screenings, check-ins, and COVID-19 education.

5. Personal AI: An app created to assist older adults and people with memory loss, with human memory retention by capturing memories as life happens according to your specifications on content you read, write, speak, or capture visually, which users can recall on command.

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