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The flagship magazine from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, It Is Innovation (i3) magazine focuses on innovation in technology, policy and business as well as the entrepreneurs, industry leaders and startups that grow the consumer technology industry.

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i3 | January/February

i3 looks at advances in 5G, farming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) mixed reality (XR) and extended reality (XR) to see the crossover between entertainment and enterprise applications. We also look at how gaming technologies like blockchain, NFTs and GameFi, are creating new metaverses, and take a forward glimpse at robotics, streaming video and 2022 tech trends. And because CES is all about entrepreneurs, we highlight the CES 2022 Innovation Award honorees. 


Man with virtual reality goggles on
Seeking New Realities

When people hear about virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), they often think of entertainment.

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How GameFi is Empowering Metaverse Game Development

The gamification of financial systems allows crypto investors and gamers the opportunity to profit from blockchain games.

Las Vegas convention center
Las Vegas Energizes for CES 2022

As CES attendees know, each year’s trek to Las Vegas in January reveals new changes.

Farmer's tractor on field
Smart Farming at CES 2022

City dwellers and suburbanites usually don’t think of the farms that provide the food they eat, or the coal mining that helps generate the power to charge an electric vehicle (EV).

Innovation Awards 2022 CES bronze badge
CES 2022 Innovation Awards

List of awardees with their innovative products. 


Images of different robots and machines
A Tech to Watch
Premier Robotics and Machine Intelligence at CES
Mike Sievert
Tech Innovator
T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert
Map of Vancouver, Canada
Tech-International Focus
Vancouver, Canada
Health tech dynamics
C4 Trends
Health Tech Dynamics


Policy Trends
Trends Shaping the Economy of Tomorrow at CES 2022
Policy: Health Tech
Bringing the Health Tech Ecosystem Together
Policy Update
Drone Enthusiasts
Beyond the Everyday CES Banner

From the CEO

Each January, CES provides our industry and the world with a big jolt of optimism as tech leaders and change-makers gather to see one another and experience the innovation that springs forth from the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and creators.


Business C Space
Metrics Matter
Business Market Beat
The Metaverse is Closer Than You Think

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