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The CTA Foundation Recognizes Innovation at CES 2022

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The CTA Foundation Recognizes Innovation at CES 2022

Eureka Park Accessibility Contest Winners

The CTA Foundation’s Eureka Park Accessibility contest winners will be at CES 2022. U.S.-based startups submitted their innovative technologies that highlight how tech enhances the lives of older adults and people with disabilities during the nomination period. The judges selected five startups to receive a complementary booth at CES 2022 in Eureka Park, along with a $2,500 prize.

Accessibility Tech

Accessible technology is featured across CES. Whether the focus is on smart cities, vehicle tech, smart homes or health and wellness — accessibility and usability play a major part in these innovations. One particular spot to highlight this tech is the Accessibility Marketplace, located in the LVCC. Accessibility tech enables users to live, work and play independently. Some traditional assistive technologies include screen readers, eye gaze controllers and hearing aids, but those are just a few of the many technologies at CES 2022. 

CTA Foundation Pitch Contest

The CTA Foundation Pitch Competition, sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs, returns to the startup stage at CES on Thursday, January 6 from 1–3:00 PM. Located in Eureka Park, startups that previously entered will pitch onsite to the judges and audience, tech solutions that help adults and people with disabilities with an emphasis on smart home technologies. The winner will receive:

  • Recognition and interview opportunities with the CTA Foundation network
  • Be considered for the AARP Innovation Labs 2022 Grand Pitch Finale
  • The opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring from AARP Innovation Labs Leadership
  • Meeting opportunities with CTA Foundation Executives and Trustees 

John and Jane Shalam Award Winner

The CTA Foundation announced the John and Jane Shalam Award to Combat Social Isolation earlier this year to recognize the efforts being made to use technology to combat social isolation. Non-profit organizations, companies, universities and individuals who are creating and implementing innovative products or programs that use tech to combat social isolation for older adults and people with disabilities were eligible to be nominated.

The winner of the first John and Jane Shalam Award is Selfhelp Community Services.

Selfhelp Community Services has a history with the CTA Foundation being its first grant recipient in 2012. Selfhelp is located in New York and is dedicated to helping older adults age with independence and dignity. They have done great work within the nonprofit community using technology to help improve the quality of life for older adults. Their face-to-face virtual community called “Virtual Senior Center”, is designed to help address the problem of social isolation for homebound older adults. These virtual communities help develop strong relationships among the participants and have gained the reputation of relieving the social isolation of disadvantaged older adults. They also provide an engaging online program with face-to-face classes, discussion groups and cultural experiences. With over 2000 participants and 28,000 live online classes, Selfhelp is truly making a difference.

Selfhelp was recognized at the Consumer Technology Hall of Fame dinner on November 11th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York.

The CTA Foundation would like to offer a warm thank you to the companies and organizations who have directly supported our mission this year:

For a full list of company and individual supporters, please visit our website.

Join the CTA Foundation at CES 2022.

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