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On the map at CES 2022

With the recent change in travel policy, Europe will have a big presence at CES 2022 including such special areas as Business France, GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion C/O Tradefair, Holland Tech Square, SwissTech Pavilion and the Italian Trade Agency, though you will also find exhibitors with European connections throughout the show floor. Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital health, and mobility are just some of the categories highlighted by European CES exhibitors.

All types of technologies and products will be on display. British company Ultraleap aims to put the world at your fingertips with haptic technology, to connect naturally in 3D — no special controllers required. Swiss company CORE’s connected monitor lets you continuously track your body’s temperature, to improve athletic performance. And stay focused with the Origo Steering Wheel, designed by a Finnish-based consortium to decrease driver distraction.

Germany Takes to the Roads

Germany was part of the top 10 of Global Innovation Index 2021 rankings. Returning German exhibitor Cinemo, under a new partnership with Dolby Atmos, looks to make traffic jams a little less painful with a full, immersive sound experience with in-car entertainment systems. Munich-based Blickfeld will be showing LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT)applications, while the 3D data produced by the LiDAR still preserves individual privacy. And while you are planning the next road trip on the information superhighway, you may want to check out Devolo’s smart home products for faster, secure internet access. A new Devolo product uses the European ITU G.hn standard for powerline networking, while another is a hybrid device that uses both powerline networking and mesh Wi-Fi.

The Dutch Make Their Way to CES

Seventy startups from the Netherlands are slated to appear in Eureka Park’s Holland Tech Square at CES 2022. Dutch digital health companies run the gamut: Light Tree Ventures will show affordable options for companies to get light therapy to market for everything from pain and eczema relief for people, to faster healing for pets after surgery. VRelax is a virtual reality app designed to help manage mild stress to pain management (also at CES Unveiled Amsterdam). A Dutch CES Innovation Honoree includes VideowindoW, a smart city solution that is a transparent video screen that produces dynamic glare control with heat absorption. RanMarine specializes in industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASV’s) that will clean waterways from trash and other debris from worldwide waterways. And if you need to drive somewhere while producing little energy, Lightyear is the company behind solar car designs.

France at CES 2022

France has been one of the top exhibiting countries at CES in recent years, and CES 2022 is no exception. Previewed in CES Unveiled Paris in October, Inhalio is transforming our environment through scent for homes, businesses and even cars with multi-sensory, mood-mapped experiences with their digital dry-air diffusion. There are only nine companies making chips in Europe, and GrAI Matter Labs will be at CES in Las Vegas, releasing an AI processor that is 20 times more efficient than others on the market by reducing energy consumption. The French company is also developing an AI curriculum for educators and students. French startup Lexilife is returning to CES, with a new version of their connected lamp that uses both pulsed and modulated light to make life easier for those with dyslexia. 

CES 2022 The Netherlands marks a record with 14 Innovation Award honorees at CES 2022 and France has 16 Innovation Award honorees, the most of any European country. 

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