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Robin Liss of Suvie

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The future of smart appliances is here — innovation in gourmet cooking

 Suvie Robin Liss Move over Rosie (from the Jetsons), meet Suvie, the first fully automated countertop robot that can cool and cook your food in minutes. Think of Suvie as a sleek refrigerated oven that saves you time and prepares delicious home cooked healthy meals for you and your family.

This isn’t your mother’s crockpot; this is the future of smart kitchen appliances. It’s a new vision and technology for the most used and yet tech neglected space in the house — your kitchen countertop. Looking through a tech lens, founders Robin Liss and Kevin Incorvia realized they had an opportunity and started Suvie in 2015. At the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA, you will find experts on the leading edge of innovation in gourmet cooking, product design, safety and engineering.

“If you look around the world, American appliances are significantly different than everywhere else in the world. American ovens were designed for two days; Christmas and Thanksgiving,” says Liss. She also points out how in other countries, ovens are different sizes and food is a rapidly evolving, cultural thing. Sharing a meal is the easiest way to connect with someone, even if you don’t speak the same language. 

If you look around the world, American appliances are significantly different than everywhere else in the world. American ovens were designed for two days; Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Making it Smart

Kitchen appliances revolutionized automation in the home, and at times do not get the credit they deserve for their time saving capabilities. Appliances are meant to help save time on chores, and with technology advancing at a rapid pace, expect the smart home to include smart appliances.

Suvie is called a robot for good reasons — it intelligently cooks a meal to perfection. The newly released Suvie 2.0 kitchen robot has two independent cooking zones and can be paired with additional inserts to prepare accompanying sauces and starches. The Suvie contains a mini-compressor and water jacketed tech to safely cool, cook and keep food warm until it’s time to serve.

Suvie’s patented water jacketed technology gently thaws food from frozen to fully cooked in as little as 25 minutes. With 15 cooking functions, home chefs can load a frozen tray of food into Suvie and schedule it to finish cooking later in the day. The system automatically defrosts frozen food and takes it through the thawing cycle to fully cooked without the hassle of using multiple kitchen appliances.

The company has a comprehensive list of Suvie Smart Meals and recipes available. Cooks simply scan the label on the package or the recipe card, and Suvie will get to work, knowing the precise times and temperatures so cooks don’t have to bother. Suvie goes from steaming, to baking, roasting or broiling, with no extra time needed in the kitchen, or having to stand around waiting to flip your food over or tend to it. Instead, Suvie encourages families to spend the time connecting.

The kitchen was designed to be the center of our home and health. Suvie and Suvie Smart Meals makes it easier for families serving up “fast food” in healthy ways. To find out more about Suvie, visit: suvie.com

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