i3 | January 04, 2021

The CTA Foundation is Making a Difference

Steve Ewell

The new year brings a great deal of excitement for the potential of what is to come. I love being able to kick off the year with CES and the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations from around the world. I am especially hopeful as we move into 2021. Certainly, there are many challenges ahead, and issues like the pandemic are not just magically disappearing. However, 2021 holds the promise for many tech advances and to call upon the lessons learned this past year.

As we approach the ninth year since we launched the CTA Foundation, we reflect on the many thousands of lives the programs we support have improved. Addressing social isolation has always been a core issue for us, and the pandemic drove the issue home to many around the globe. Now is the opportunity to highlight and address the challenges people face when isolated. We also have a greater understanding of technology opportunities to enable us to work, live, and play regardless of our age or ability.

Now is the time to come together and support the newly developed innovations to address the challenges we have experienced. I am excited to continue the CTA Foundation’s work supporting organizations delivering services to people in need across the country. But this past year also made us even more aware of how great of a need exists. We have incredible support from CTA and many companies and individuals from around the industry, large and small. But we are still turning down far too large a percentage of worthy requests for help. This year is the opportunity to change that. Through your support, we can. 

2021 Goals

Increase funding for direct services to help those in need.

Grow support for research that will promote innovation and identify market opportunities.

Build on our network to ensure that everyone can lead healthy, connected and independent lives.

Thanks to the work of our industry, we can accomplish these goals. Please join us by visiting SupportCTAF.org or contact me at 703-907-7660. Now is the time to help those in need and lay the groundwork for helping those that may need assistance in the future.

The CTA Foundation will be telling the stories of how technology is helping people live, work and play independently during CES 2021.

Follow us on Twitter @CTAFoundation, Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit CTAFoundation.tech. Thank you for your support!

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