i3 | October 01, 2020

International Focus: France

Mark Chisholm

French Contact Tracing App Loses Steam

After getting off to a fast start, France’s COVID-19 contact tracing app has lost momentum in both usage and adoption. After the French government released StopCovid in early June, 1.9 million people downloaded the app from the Google Play and Apple App Store. Over that same period, however, over 20,000 users deactivated the app and nearly half a million uninstalled it, according to TechCrunch. Because of the low number of people who had marked themselves as positive for COVID-19, the app had sent only 14 notifications in the three weeks after release.

French Startup Turns TV on its Side

Wildmoka, a French startup, has launched a video solution that automatically transforms traditional horizontal TV streams into a vertical format more easily viewed on a smartphone. Live Vertical, developed in collaboration with Altice France, converts Altice’s BFMTV channels into a vertical format when the channels are viewed on a smartphone. This method avoids having to “shrink” a horizontal image when being viewed vertically, allowing the stream to make use of more screen real estate.

Renault Gives Electric Vehicles to French Households

French carmaker Renault has “loaned” electric vehicles — at no cost — to every household in a small town in the south of France. Hoping to help consumers to understand the benefits of electric vehicles, the carmaker gave every household in the small French town of Appy a Renault Zoe EV for three years. Every household also will be given a charger for home, and a public charger will be installed in the town. Appy is one of the most isolated towns in France, but Renault assures residents that will not be a problem, with the 394km range of the Zoe EV.

Carrefour, Uber Eats to Bring Service to all of France

French supermarket giant Carrefour announced in late July that it is expanding its partnership with Uber Eats to bring the home delivery grocery service to all of France, as well as parts of Belgium. The service, which began offering 30-minute delivery from roughly 15 stores in Paris, has expanded to 330 stores across France.

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