i3 | December 02, 2020

The Future of Health Technology

Lydia Baugh

The idea was innovative, changing the way health care professionals treat cognitive impairments, while finding new science and data-based ways to give patients and parents hope.

Akili Interactive achieved this by developing an effective and safe medical treatment that is also enjoyable. EndeavorRx™, is the first FDA approved prescription treatment delivered through a video game, for 8- to 12-year old children with attention issues or diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Providing a new collaborative experience, Akili is building relationships with patients, parents and their providers. With the use of data tracking, parents can become more proactive in the treatment of their children, through their dashboard and monitoring app. Parents have the ability to reach an Akili Representative, get answers to questions, set expectations, and track progress, while working with their physician to offer an advanced level of care.

“Digital therapeutics allow us to do something never before done in medicine — to build deep relationships with our patients based on their specific data, to listen to them and to continuously adapt and evolve our products based on their direct feedback,” said Eddie Martucci, PhD, CEO of Akili.

Collecting multiple data points per second, Akili endeavors to help treat as many children as possible with ADHD through science and data-based protocols.

Using data collected and sound science, Akili hopes to expand and evolve their technology platform to help improve cognitive and attention disorders in diverse populations. 

MedHaul offers a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to find and book transportation for any patient with any need. Connecting health care providers to specialty transport systems, they are reaching disenfranchised communities and bridging the health care disparity gap.

Inspiration for this innovative company came from personal experience. Erica Plybeah, founder and CEO of MedHaul, knows first-hand how difficult getting a loved one to an appointment or treatment can be. Her grandmother, a diabetic with double amputations, had an extremely hard time getting safe and reliable transportation. In her work with a local children’s hospital, she stated that over 90,000 rides per year were needed without a reliable system in place. MedHaul works exclusively with specialty transport systems who are trained and have the capabilities to handle chronically ill patients, such as a chemotherapy patient who is weak and needs assistance with a wheelchair.

MedHaul understands the complexity and challenges that face disadvantaged communities. They also understand that internet access may not be accessible in these areas, which is why they partner directly with health care providers and emergency services for those individuals who may call 911, but don’t need an ambulance. These communities (low income, chronically ill, elderly) are overlooked and yet have a high impact on health care.

Hospitals, patients, and medical transportation providers now have the convenience to book medical transportation to or from various locations, while streamlining the management of day-to-day transportation operations. MedHaul is helping to create a community of service and trust in medicine.

MedHaul would like to see a policy change that transportation needs for the chronically ill would be a covered benefit. For the future, they hope to see about one-third of health care providers nationwide regularly using the platform, while continuing to help the most vulnerable communities get reliable, efficient and safe transportation to fulfil their health care needs.

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