i3 | April 02, 2020

Tech For Good

Cindy Stevens
As we go to press, Covid-19 has overtaken headlines around the globe. While none of us can predict how this virus will morph, it is important to support each other during this difficult time. We hear poignant news reports of those who are ill, but we also hear heartwarming stories. Video have emerged from Barcelona of people spontaneously cheering and applauding health care workers from their balconies and in Italy, quarantined citizens serenading each other from their terraces. All reminders that we appreciate what health care professionals are doing for us.

In this environment, telemedicine is more important than ever and because of innovation in technology, medical support from a physician can now be accessed remotely on many platforms, helping patients get the care they need, without putting doctors or the public at risk. Remote patient monitoring enables earlier — and more accurate — diagnoses with companies like Doctor on Demand, 98point6, Ginger, Simple Health, and Heal as just a few examples of health care services that make a difference in our lives.

Technology also provides solutions and tools to keep us informed, connected, entertained, and stocked with food and supplies as more people work remotely. We can meet virtually with international partners and colleagues using tech from CTA member companies including Adobe, Google, Klaxoon and Microsoft. Video chat maintains a personal face-to-face connection virtually, and social networking tech helps families and friends keep tabs on each other with services from Apple (Facetime), Cisco, Facebook, Google (Duo), Slack and Zoom. 

Cindy Stevens, Editor-In-Chief

But we also need to keep our spirits high. Video streaming content services, gaming consoles, podcasts and music streaming entertain us. Many companies that exhibit at CES provide amazing services including Amazon Studios, AT&T, Comcast, DirecTV, DISH, HBO, Hulu, Microsoft, NBCUniversal (See i3's interview with NBCU's Linda Yaccarino on page 8), Netflix, Nintendo, Oculus, Pandora, Quibi, SiriusXM, Sony (PlayStation and Crackle), Verizon and Warner Brothers.

In this issue, we look at digital health care that includes an abundance of sensors, monitors and other digital tools keeping people healthier while new specialized insurers are changing the traditional health insurance model. And, blockchain is being used for more than cryptocurrency. It's also useful in shipping tracking for the supply chain, identifying counterfeit products, and even in smart phones that are powered by blockchain.

As we move through this unprecedented time, remember to take care of yourself and exercise. Tech can help to improve your workouts with devices from companies like Fitbit, GlucoseZone and MyxFitness to just name a few. We will get through this difficult period but it's important to look out for each other, especially the elderly. And remember the adage, this too shall pass. 

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