i3 | April 02, 2020

A Taste of Eureka Park

Mark Chisholm

At Eureka Park™ — CES®’ dedicated area for startups and rising entrepreneurs — investors and business execs can find the most exciting small companies from around the world. At CES 2020 more than 1200 startups from 46 countries showed disruptive innovations, attracting investors and big brands. 

Here is a sample of some of the technologies exhibitors brought to Eureka Park.  


ANote Music: A secure and transparent Blockchain technology that allows artists, record labels, publishers and songwriters to become financially independent and receive funds immediately which otherwise would be earned over many years.

Smart Cities 

Bitsensing: This Seoul-based startup, with offices in San Jose, showcased technologies enabling the smart cities of tomorrow. Bitsensing’s Augmented Imaging Radar (AIR) solution monitors multiple lanes of traffic, allowing for real-time traffic management and route guidance. The technology detects up to 128 vehicles on four lanes of traffic at a range of 300 meters. Bitsensing’s IoT RADAR is a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Cities category.

At CES 2020 more than 1200 startups from 46 countries showed disruptive innovations, attracting investors and big brands.


Escapad is a smartphone app to discover and explore cities, their landmarks and monuments, museums and exhibits through curated guides published by professionals. AR/VR/Gaming: Healium, a product of StoryUP Studios, is the world’s first augmented and virtual reality interactive media channel controlled by a brain-computer interface and the user’s biometrics via their wearables.


Miomove: The creators of a smart insole, Miomove monitors the correctness of your running technique through embedded pressure sensors. The Czech Republic-based companies’ technology is based on nanosensors with high-dynamic range of measurement and sensitivity. The insole is paired with the Miomove mobile app to show if you hit the heel, top or center of your foot, with the aim of informing the user of improper running habits.


Phiar Technologies Inc. showed its AR navigation app for smartphones. The app features real-time road understanding and detection AI with breakthrough speed and precision.


Rocean: Rocean has developed a compact device that filters, flavors and carbonates water in the home through the use of multi-use pods. The Rocean One takes water directly from the tap, removing the need to single-use plastic water bottles in the home, while its multi-use pods differentiate it from traditional water filtration methods. The company has a mission to remove one billion single-use bottles from circulation within five years. And 10 billion within 10 years.


Smart Beat: Smart Beat is a video baby monitor with breath detection that lets parents know their baby is okay. Smart Beat develops software that makes it possible to read vital signs using just a camera — no wearables or contact of any kind. Smart Beat Advanced features tools to aid parents in gathering clinical data and sharing that data with their baby’s health care providers. Smart Beat Advanced was a CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Tech for a Better World category.

These and other innovative startups are creating the groundbreaking technologies of tomorrow. For more information, visit CES.tech.

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